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The InfoQ eMag: Chaos Engineering


As our systems scale, we need more complexity, which inherently increases exponentially over time. The need for understanding and navigating this complexity also increases. Chaos engineering is a discipline that allows us to refine, recalibrate, and navigate the understanding of our systems through intentional and careful experimentation in the form of failure injection. This greater understanding ultimately leads to a better experience for our customers and better outcomes for our businesses.

At Netflix, we’ve been embracing chaos engineering since Chaos Monkey was born in 2011. It has gone through several iterations and tools that eventually evolved into the Failure Injection Testing (FIT) platform and, ultimately, ChAP (a platform for safely automating and running chaos experiments in production) through the efforts of many amazing engineers. We’ve taken the opportunity to outline why this has been so beneficial for the business in a separate IEEE article titled “The Business Case for Chaos Engineering” and a free e-book from O’Reilly here external redirect.

The InfoQ eMag: Chaos Engineering external redirect

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