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Automated Canary Analysis at Netflix with Kayenta

Today, in partnership with Google, we have open sourced Kayenta, a platform for Automated Canary Analysis (ACA). Kayenta leverages lessons learned over the years of delivering rapid and reliable changes into production at Netflix. It is a crucial component of delivery at Netflix as it reduces the risk from making changes in our production environment. In addition, Kayenta has increased developer productivity by providing engineers with a high degree of trust in their deployments.

A canary release is a technique to reduce the risk from deploying a new version of software into production. A new version of software, referred to as the canary, is deployed to a small subset of users alongside the stable running version. Traffic is split between these two versions such that a portion of incoming requests are diverted to the canary. This approach can quickly uncover any problems with the new version without impacting the majority of users.

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